About Retail Accident Product Warranties

Care Cover Accident Product Warranties are your safeguard against those ‘oops’ moments. They cover you against accidental stains and damage, and are the first step in protecting and maintaining your new furniture and bedding.

Care Cover Product Warranties can be bought from a vast number of national and regional retailers and must be purchased alongside new furniture prior to leaving the store.

Here’s a few facts you may not know:

  • Product Warranties, when broken down over the course of their 5 year lifespan, can cost as little as 8 cents/day*.  A bargain, considering the amount a repair from ink, nail polish or oil mark from food may cost.
  • The average repair to remove pen, nail polish or oil marks from food costs from a fabric or leather furniture is $200. Paying to fix just one incident can exceed the cost of a 5 year Accident Protection Plan and paying to repair several incidents may exceed the cost of the furniture.
  • House and contents insurance is perfect to protect your house against major damage or incidents, but claiming for a repair on furniture caused by an accident or spill is going to cost you hundreds of dollars (via an excess bill). Product Warranties are not connected to your house insurance and are a one off cost, but can be claimed against multiple times over the lifespan of the plan.

We’re ready to cover you against those ‘oops’ moments!

By purchasing a Care Cover Accident Product Warranty, you not only receive a care products to maintain the condition of your furniture or mattress, you also receive 5 to 10 years** coverage against accidental stains and damage.

Accidental damage includes:
– Scratches
– Rips
– Scuffs
– Burns

Accidental stains include:
– Drinks and food
– Pen ink, markers and crayons
– Nail polish and lipstick
– Blood
– Cosmetics
– Waxes, glues and paint
– Fake tan and hair dye
– Human bodily fluids

With an easy registration and claim process, we’ve got you covered!

Registering and claiming against your Care Cover Product Warranty is quick and easy:

1 – Purchase your Product Warranty in store with your new furniture or mattress.
2 – Register your plan with Care Cover.
3 – Use the Care Cover cleaning products/mattress protector in line with the instructions on the packaging to upkeep your furniture or mattress
4 – If you experience any accidental damage or stains, simply call Care Cover on 1300 453 284 (Australia) or 0800 080 039 (New Zealand) within 5 days of the accident occurring and lodge a claim.

For more details on Care Cover Accident Product Warranty, review the Care Cover terms and conditions.


*Based on a Fabric 2-4 seat lounge

** Coverage length varies depending on the Plan purchased