Care Cover Outdoor Furniture Cleaner 500ml



The Care Cover Outdoor Furniture Cleaner is designed to safely and effectively remove heavy soiling and stains caused from grease, body oils, animals, dust, food and drink from outdoor furniture surfaces including wicker, cane, plastic, aluminium frames, stainless steel, glass and painted surfaces.

Directions for use:

1.Place outdoor furniture to be cleaned in a shady area where a hose can be used.
2.Moving from left to right, and from 30cm away, spray the areas that need cleaning.
3.Leave furniture to sit in the shade for approximately 5 minutes.
4.Using a high pressure hose, rinse down the furniture that has been sprayed.
5.If required, lightly rub or wipe the furniture over with a dry cloth to remove stubborn stains or soiling.
6.For heavily soiled outdoor furniture, repeat steps 1 to 5.